Powerpoint kills…

The readings about handouts and presentations I found to be very helpful. I really like the idea of keeping a handout page to just one page. Too many times have I been given a handout that is packed full of information over several pages and I find myself either just reading the handout (because everything the speaker is talking about is there) or tossing the handout aside because it’s boring, too much stuff, and I’ll never look at it again.

The powerpoint reading were also very interesting. I HATE POWERPOINT! I can’t stand what it has become and how it has permeated itself through every aspect of business, military, and school. Just coming from the military, we had a saying when we looked at the schedule and saw 8 hours of training: “Death by Powerpoint” . After sitting there looking at the same rudimentary and haphazardly put together slides where the only thing that changes is the clipart, my mind would go numb and I would often find myself counting ceiling tiles. The importance of interaction between the speaker and the audience not only enables those present to learn more, but it also makes it…….Interesting!

I also strongly agree with the use of objects. It’s easy to talk about an object and show pictures of it, but to actually feel or hold something can really drive the relation between mind and matter. When I used to give training, I kept my powerpoints short and sweet but had many objects being passed around and studied that kept my crowd engaged.

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