Reading Response

On the handout readings, it made a lot of sense what they said. Whenever I get a handout that is more than one page, I tend to get caught up in all the stuff that’s going on in the handout that I forget or tune out the speaker. When I give out handouts, I try to just put the main points of what I’m talking about. I feel it is very helpful when people give out handouts because a lot of the times when I get them, I save them. I will sometimes go back to them if I need some information that they talked about.

The ready about powerpoint was pretty good. Although, I feel that powerpoint can be a man’s best friend or his worst friend. I have seen many presenters that have made really good powerpoints and kept it interesting. That’s when it can be your friend, when you know how to make a good powerpoint. When you aren’t very good at using powerpoint, it is definitely your worst enemy. I’ve had one teacher that I really liked because he was really good at explaining things, but when he started the powerpoint, it was bad. His powerpoint always looked the same; plain white screen and black writing, never any visuals or nothing. It becomes really hard to pay attention no matter how good the teacher is. This is why I believe it can be good or bad.

When it comes to objects for your presentation, I completely agree with that. I feel it is really good to have a visual for the people you are presenting too. The only thing I don’t like about passing around items is that sometimes it can take away from the presenter. I feel when you have an object that you want to pass around, you have to pick a time to do that when it’s not going to take away from the actually presentation.

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