Presentation with Visual Aids

With a partner or individually, prepare an oral presentation with visual aids that does one of the following:

  • Expands on a design concept that we covered during the semester (i.e., trends in site design, information display, role of social networks, etc.)
  • Explains and proposes a solution to a current technological problem on the campus or community (i.e., plagiarism, access to technologies, availability of health care, animal spaying, etc.)
  • Addresses and explains the role of a technology or use of technology technology (i.e., information management, virtual reality, biometrics, video gaming, robotics, etc.)

You may also propose an original presentation idea. All presentation topics must be approved.

The project requires that you:

Develop an oral presentation of 10 minutes (individual) or 15 minutes (group) – plus 5 minutes for questions. You should use/refer to all visual aids during the presentation.

  • Create a digital visual aid of at least 8 slides (individual) or 12 slides (group) that complements your talk but does not simply outline or repeat the information you provide orally. No bullet lists or clip art. Note: If you use a presentation program that does not utilize “slides” (such as Prezi), please see me.
  • Design a printed audience handout that contains your name, contact information, presentation title, date, at least one original, complex table, figure, or infographic with source information for the data.
  • Use an object to emphasize one of your points.

Worth 100 points.


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