Here are links to the required readings. For a comprehensive list of communication resources, including writing links and more, please go to Resources on the course information site. Please feel free comment with links to suggested readings.

Week 1An introduction to graphic design

Week 2
The principles of design
Graphic design fundamentals
Design and colour
The lost principles of design (visual)
Gestalt principles (visual)
Color theory basics
Reinvent Wheel? Blue Room. Defusing a Bomb? Red Room
Psychological properties of colours

Week 3
The secret language of signs
A world without signs
Airport signage: photo inspiration
Oddly specific (visual)
Signspotting (visual)
Map: Wikipedia
Mapped pictures: image notation (skim)
We Feel Fine (applet)
Main Page Freemind a Free Mind mapping software download software

Week 4
thinking with type Letter (p. 13-77, esp. note p. 36-41)
TYPEInspire: showcase of typography and text effects (visual)

Week 5thinking with type Text (p. 87-147)

Week 6
Davie Griffin on how photography connects us (14:57M) and interactive transcript
Photography composition article, including links to light, lines, shapes, texture and perspective
10 top photography composition rules

Week 7
10 photo editing tips from a pro (NYTimes)
28 online photo editing sites (skim)
Image editing
6 tips for giving your LinkedIn profile a facelift
BranchOut: The professional network on Facebook
Making the most of your Facebook page profile picture
Make your Facebook profile picture full-size

Week 8
thinking with type Grid (p 151-207)
Megan Jaegerman’s brilliant news graphics

Week 9
Understanding the theory of minimalism in web design
Understanding visual hierarchy in web design
Visual direction in web design
Unity in web design

Week 10
Information graphics: Wikipedia
Data visualization: Wikipedia
Themes for a good infographic
Sparklines: Intense, simple, word-sized graphics (handout)
Statistics can be misleading
50 great examples of data visualization

Week 11
Almost everything you wanted to know about making tables and figures (tip: shrink to 75% and skim this PDF)
Chart types and their uses
7 basic rules for making charts and graphs
Designing data tables
Should you argue on the Internet? (visual some explicit content)

Week 12
Presentation tips (3 sections) or the print-friendly PDF
Thinking visually (visual)
10 tips for using visual aids
Stop, prepare, then PowerPoint
The 10-20-30 rule: Guy Kawasaki on PowerPoint (with 1:52M video)

Week 13
Creating quality handouts
How to write a presentation handout
When not to use Powerpoint
A Nobel prize winner’s view on slides versus ‘chalk and talk’
Presentations best practices (8:57M)
A video with speech critique (your choice from this list)

Week 14 – a good book?

Week 15
Five popular design portfolio website styles
10 steps to the perfect portfolio web site
9 insane portfolio assignments to make you drool
Images of print design portfolios (visual)
Preparing and talking about your graphic design portfolio